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Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs)


What are AMRs?

Cloud Technology combined with Automated Robots

AMRs are robots built with the capability to autonomously move and perform a task. AMRs are capable of fully
autonomous mobility, meaning they do not typically require facility modifications to become operational. Coupled with Cloud technology enables AMR solutions to have faster deployment, scalability and flexibility over traditional robot technologies such as Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV). 


Fetch and Emerging Workforce

Emerging Workforce is the Fetch Robotics Australia Partner

Emerging Workforce Group signed on with Fetch Robotics to be their Australian partner in late 2019. Fetch Robotics are a world leader in Autonomous Mobile Robot Technology based out of the USA. 

Emerging Workforce Group is proud that our strong partnership enabled the first implementation of a Fetch AMR solution in Australia.


First In Australia

Australia's first Fetch AMR Solution

A leading Australian Logistics company looked to Emerging Workforce to implement an Automated Mobile Robot Solution at one of their distribution centres. Emerging Workforce leveraged their partnership with Fetch Robotics to deliver the solution. The solution looked to optimise picking of goods by minimising the time lost in people movement enabling the picker to focus on higher value tasks enabling a 20% increase in productivity.  


Benefits of choosing and AMR solution

Emerging Workforce is the Fetch Robotics Australia Partner

●Reduce FTE manual movements
●Refocus labor on revenue generating tasks

●Eliminate continuous need for associates working overtime

●Orchestrate human and robot workforce to maximize pick efficiency

●Improve the customer experience and drive loyalty and consumer confidence with a faster fulfillment cycle

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