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The Emerging Workforce Group identifies and implements cutting edge technology solutions – aligned to your business strategy – in order to create a step-change in productivity. 

We are specifically focused on digital solutions that leverage:

  •  Cloud-based Autonomous Mobile Robotic technology for warehousing

  • Smartglass technology enabling Augmented and Virtual Reality for on the ground workers

  • Contact Free Proof of Delivery Cloud Solutions between Drivers and Customers    



Automated Mobile Robots

We specialise in deploying operationally flexible, safe and easy to use mobile robots that enable your employees to focus on higher value tasks. Resulting in baseline productivity improvements from 20%-40% within 3 months of implementation. 

hands-free wearable solutions

We specialise in SmartGlass technology and unlock your business to the possibilities of Augmented Reality (AR) and/or Virtual Reality (VR) technologies. Our solutions enable remote assistance, digitised processes and artefacts to help the user keep both hands free when performing on-the-ground tasks. 

Contactless delivery

Our contactless delivery solution enables socially distanced no-touch proof of delivery capture between a delivery driver and customer. Our digital cloud solution is fast, safe and scalable for your business requiring minimal hardware. 

operational strategy

We specialise in the development of a strategic direction through a series of achievable steps across all facets of your business including people, processes digital ,and technology. To date, we have saved Australian companies over $300m in workforce-related costs through our industry insights and strategies.

project implementation

Our leading project management expertise ensures your projects achieve maximum benefit and return on investment. Our robust project management tools and dashboards give you transparent oversight of all your in-flight projects. 


Partnered with leading global technology companies, our team has worked with large

Australian businesses delivering feasible cutting edge digital solutions across a range of industries. 




professional services


OUR team


MAtt jenkinson 

Matt is EWG's Digital Project Manager. Prior to EWG he built strong project management capabilities at Accenture through delivering large scale digital transformations in the Telecommunications sector. At EWG, Matt delivers wearable, contactless delivery and robotic solutions. 

Dave Jenkinson

David is EWG’s Industry Partner with extensive experience in large-scale corporate transformation and project implementation. David has held senior exec roles in NBN, Visionstream, Spotless, EDS/HP Transurban and International hotels. 

Nawaz isaji 

Nawaz is EWG's Strategy Partner. He has been involved with delivering a range of projects for Australian and international businesses, in sectors including Telecommunications, engineering services, manufacturing and financial services. Prior to EWG, Nawaz worked with A.T. Kearney, BCG and PwC Strategy. 


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